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Unlike our usual body and health check-ups, going to a dentist isn’t a regular habit that we possess. While some make it a habit to visit the dentist at least once a year for an oral check-up and cleaning some would easily wait at least two to three years before scheduling an appointment.

Dental hygiene is of great importance, oral habits can lead to a number of illnesses which if neglected can even be fatal. However,many people are unaware when and why they should visit a dentist. Therefore, here are some signs you may experience that require urgent oral care.

Bad teeth and cavities

It is safe to say that there would have been a time we all experience sharp shooting pain in one of our teeth when eating something sweet or even sour. This is probably due to a cavity. A cavity is the decay of a tooth exposing the nerve.

Teeth sensitivity can give out the same pain, so if you are experiencing difficulty drinking very cold or hot beverages or sweet food visiting a dentist is highly recommended. If the damage is not too severe you can get off with just a filling; if not extraction is the solution.

Irritated gums

The pain from when the toothbrush bristles rub on your gums can be due to irritated gums. A bad toothbrush, lack of care or even an infection and gumboil can be reasons for irritated gums. It usually reddens more than normal and becomes highly sensitive. While occasional gum bleeding is normal if it does continue a dental visit is recommended. Prolonging irritated gums can lead to severe gum infections or diseases.

Dry mouth

A dry mouth is due to a lack of salvia being produced. It dries out the tongue and gums and can feel uncomfortable. It can leave you feeling parched which is unhealthy as infections can arise from it. The saliva fights against bacteria building up in your mouth and helps with food digestion. If this is the case with you, look for a dental specialist Sydney where you have many options.

Bad breath

Having bad breath as you wake up is quite normal. The air gets in while you sleep and dries the mouth. Certain foods such as garlic and coffee sometimes contribute to bad breath. However, this can easily be taken care of with brushing and flossing.

The problem occurs when even after all this, the bad breath continues. Bad breath can be a sign of an infection, cavity or a more serious medical condition. It is also unpleasant and affects self-confidence. If it does keep continuing you will definitely need to see a dentist, for a check-up. It could sometimes require medication.

In conclusion, a dentist visit is recommended at least once a year. It can help to detect damage and tooth decay before it gets worse. Just like your body, your teeth require care too.


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