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Reaching one’s target weight can bring a boost of energy and confidence. But by acknowledging the downfalls along the way one can be prepared mentally to strive till the end. Given the toughness of weight loss accomplishments anyone who has triumphed is held up as a winner.

We watch hundreds of weight loss success stories everyday on social media and on television. And in all those stories the mental state and stability of achievers were remarkable. At weight loss retreat Perth the treatment plans are made by taking this very important factor into account. The conclusion is clear. Take weight off your mind to start losing weight off your body. Here are some simple tips to set your mind to a better weight loss journey.

How to Keep a Positive Mind Set While Losing Weight?

·         Reward Yourself

Give yourself regular little treats, which don’t have to be costly. Set a reward list along with targets like losing first 5 pounds or dropping the first dress size. Award yourself a book, a new clothing item, a walk by the river or a new shade of lipstick.

·         Planning Ahead

Try not to leave everything to the last minute. Work out what you’ve got coming up in the next two weeks and think through what you’ll need for the meals and tasks ahead. List them out one by one. Carry the list with you in your bag and cross things off as they get done.

·         Know Your Limits

Don’t take on too much and put everyone else’s needs before your own. Learn saying “no” nicely but firmly. You shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help when needed. Slow things down and try to get tasks done one at a time. Rest and relax between jobs in order to remain sharp minded.

·         Time Is Precious

Time is the most precious commodity we have, so aim to use it well. Spend as much time as you can doing things you enjoy like visiting a friend, a spa day or watching a movie. Clock watching makes you tense, so try not looking at the clock for a few days, you’llbe surprised at the difference.

·         Think Positively

We may not have control over things that happen to us, but we can choose the attitude
we have towards them. Often,it’s our own thinking that makes a task stressful. Be clear about your needs and feelings. Set small realistic weight loss goals and strive in a supportive setting. Display positive accomplishments, photos and souvenirs.

·         Your Body Speaks, Listen

Be conscious of how your body feels and what it is trying to tell you. Pay attention from time to time to which part feels particularly tense or sore. Find out what’s causing the condition. Look for alternative methods and ways to avoid it in future. Low intensity workouts are effective as high intensity with time and consistency. Go slow, listen to your body.

·         Go for a Better Diet

Reduce the amount of processed foods which are full of sugar, salt and carbs. Eat complex carbohydrates instead. Cut down on caffeine and alcohol and drink herbal teas like Chamomile and green tea.

·         Sleep

It is easy to say, but hard to do. Sleep is key for a healthy mentality and weight loss. There’s an old saying which says not to burn the candle at both ends. It is vital to get a good 7–8-hour night’s sleep. If this is too difficult, take quick catnaps during the day to help you cope with stress.

With the help of the above simple but effective tips, you can set the mental stage to make your weight loss goals effectively and a reality.

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