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Just as much as physical, mental and emotional wellbeing are of utmost importance in any woman, monitoring the extent of one’s health is equally as important. The female system is complex. Not only in mind, but also in body. Many women out there could not be showing any signs of having any issues but deep down in the system there could be one and only a screening can detect such problems.

There have even been instances where women have shown no signs of being pregnant and were weeks in on being pregnant! Taking different screenings could potentially save your life and you could avoid falling into dire health complications in the future. Here are a few types of screenings you should consider taking on a regular basis:

Do the Blood Pressure Screening

We as women know that living in a world full of men can make our blood boil sometimes. Jokes aside, you should get your blood pressure checked at least once every 2 years starting from the age of 20. This way you can detect any abnormalities in your blood pressure earlier on and be able to overcome it in a much more effective manner (Who wants to take 100000s of blood pressure pills when they are in their 60s?!).

If you happen to fall a bit on the obese side, the risk of developing high blood pressure as you age in much higher. This means you should do a screening on a yearly basis at minimum if you fall under this category.

Check the Cholesterol

This is one of the most annoying statements or questions at the adult dinner table. If you do not want to avoid that scrumptious pork fat at this year’s Christmas party, you better start eating healthier now and keep your cholesterol levels in check. Ignoring the fact you have cholesterol could lead to a stroke or heart issues. Keep it in check by getting tested once every five years and take blood tests as per your doctor’s advice.

Get Pap Smears Done

A pap smear should be taken every 3 years. You should start this screening process at the ripe age of 21 and probably stop at around the age of 65 years. This procedure involves your doctor widening up your vaginal walls to put in a tiny brush which takes cells from the cervix.

These cells are put under scientific investigation for any cancers, STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) and can detect the changes in the cells. You could find out you’re pregnant through this procedure. On the other hand, make sure to shop pregnancy test of the highest quality for the most accurate results to prevent any false alarms.

Time for the Mammogram

This type of procedure is specifically designed to detect any type of breast cancer. Usually involves breast compression between the plates for the x-ray images to be captured clearly. This is not a screening you should do on a frequent basis. Once every 2 years should do the trick beginning at the age of fifty. If you happen to have bloodline ties to breast cancer, the earlier you get this done the better.

Stay fit, stay healthy and take these tests to ensure you stay that way!


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