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For the longest time, the medical field has been known as an arena for treatments of diseases. However, as the world progressed, so did the medical field. Today, the medical field is not only focused on each individuals’ health and wellness, but also on each individual’s beauty. With today’s advent of technological advancements, medical professionals from different fields have achieved medical breakthroughs. Because of this, it became easier for health care professionals to expand their scope to focus on healthy, beauty, and wellness. In fact, technological advancements paved way for medical professionals to find a way to improve the aesthetical aspects of one’s body. Below are the common operations that people go in for:


In today’s day and age when everyone is more conscious of their looks, various people have been availing of contouring treatments. Regarded as an anti-aging procedure, such treatment intends to eradicate fats and saggy skin to create a more pronounced shape and form of an individual’s face and body. Through technology, such treatment does not require any surgical operation. In fact, the use of ultrasound shear waves destroys excessive fats and the subsequent application of heat energy stimulates contraction effect. This then tightens the skin and further improves the smoothness of the skin’s texture. This treatment procedure has attracted many individuals not only because of its harmless effects but also because of its fast and long-lasting results.

Teeth Whitening

As individuals today are often surrounded by mouth-watering food, holding yourself back from these food platters is a tough job to do. As more and more individuals give in to this temptation, you are also risking the aesthetic aspect of your teeth. Over time, your teeth develop stains from food or smoking habits. Of course, you wouldn’t want to smile at others with your yellowish teeth. With the teeth whitening procedure, your teeth can turn into a whiter shade. Similar to contouring, such procedures do not entail any surgical operation. In fact, it can be done in the dental clinic of dentist eastgardens. Although such procedure requires periodic sessions before the desired results can be achieved, rest assured that after all the sessions, your teeth can be restored to its white appearance.

Congenital Defect Repair

Although the previous examples on contouring and teeth whitening aim to improve purely the aesthetical aspect, the technological advancement also made a way to treat and repair facial abnormalities. These abnormalities, which commonly result in difficulty in talking and eating, include cleft palate and cleft lip defects. A child ranging from 6 to 12 weeks old can undergo a surgical operation to repair his cleft lip. However, for cleft palate repair, it is best to undergo operation once the child reaches approximately 9 months to 1 year old. During both operations, the child will be given general anesthesia. Though you may fear that your child will undergo an operation at a very young age, early medical intervention will prevent future problems concerning speech and eating difficulties.

Nowadays, the technological breakthroughs have paved way for aesthetical improvements. As human knowledge gains a wider scope, more things can be done. As time passes by, the initially impossible things slowly become possible.

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