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DVA or Department of Veterans’ Affairs is the government’s agency that deals with veterans claiming for compensation because of an injury or health condition brought about the time of active duty. Filing a claim would entitle the veteran access to medical care and other support. Some veterans are not aware that they could even apply for extra compensation if and when their injury caused long-lasting impairment.

If you are planning to be involved in processing DVA claims, naturally you would have questions especially if this is your first venture into this industry. The below frequently asked questions could help you with that.

What Is A Claim Management Software?

Before processing DVA claims, you must have first a reliable claim management software. What is a claim management software? This software would help you in processing and evaluating DVA claims. It would allow you to process the claims in automated workflow and ensures that all necessary information and details that you would need to process a claim in within a system that could be easily accessed.

The processing software for DVA claims include litigation, settlement communication, claim assessments, etc. Claim management software also assist those applying for claims to reduced fraudulent claims and enhance their experience when applying for claims without all the hassles of bureaucracy.

How to Determine Who Is Eligible?

Before you process a DVA claim, the first thing you need to ask yourself is who is eligible. Of course, from the name itself of the claim, veterans are qualified to avail of the claims but you still have to analyse whether the veteran is eligible either for a disability pension or a service pension. Allied veterans are also eligible, even family, dependents and even police officers who served in a peacekeeping force.

What Are the Benefits A Veteran Could Receive?

Since you would be dealing with processing for claims, the first thing that your clients would ask you is about the benefits that they could receive. One of those benefits and one which most veterans are availing is health care and support services. Health care and support services include but is not limited to: GP services, specialist services, allied health, dental care, home support services, etc. Transportation to and from approved treatment centres and locations are also included in the veteran’s benefits. Services for rehabilitation and caring for the veteran’s mental health is also part of the benefits.

Veterans Who Are Dishonourably Discharged, Are They Eligible?

It would be difficult to reject a veteran applying for a claim when they have been dishonourably discharged. They are not eligible for a claim but that does not mean you could not do anything to help. Refer them to applying for a discharge upgrade or about the VA Character of Discharge review process.

Handling DVA claims need tact since your clients might be suffering from health conditions and impairments brought about by active duty that they might be resentful of what has happened to them. Always go out of your way to help them in any way possible.


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