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Dental veneers are the answer to any aesthetic issues we have with our teeth. Those with a gap between their teeth, or chipped or misshaped teeth, stained or slightly misaligned could opt to have veneers. Dental veneers are thin covers that are attached to give teeth a more natural look.

Veneers are used to restore the appearance of teeth giving the patient a chance for a natural smile without feeling overly conscious. There are different types of veneers and knowing their purposes and advantages over the others would help you make a more informed decision on which type is best suited for your dental problem.


For those who wanted immediate relief from their blemished teeth, this type of veneer is done by the dentist and could be immediately applied to the teeth. If you need composite veneers Brisbane dentists could do this procedure in a single appointment. You could instantly smile proudly knowing that the veneers have to hide all your imperfections.

This type of veneer is also more affordable and could be fixed and repaired immediately when needed. You could also have several veneers applied in a single visit and you would not have to worry about your teeth looking disproportioned. When you choose a composite, the dentist may not require to remove much of your tooth enamel before application. This type of veneer typically lasts for five years and the possibility of it staining, chipping or breaking is still likely.


This type of veneer on the other hand is made in a laboratory because they are “made to order”. They are made based on the patient’s teeth measurement and are cemented on the surface of the teeth that need aesthetic correction. Unlike composite, porcelain needs two visits. One is to take the measurements and to take an impression of the teeth to prepare the veneers in a laboratory and the second visit is for the application of the veneer.

When it comes to benefits, porcelain lasts longer than composite, usually for 20 years and gives a more “natural” look. This type of veneer also does not change the colour even after a long period of being cemented to the teeth because they don’t stain easily. Even if it is unlikely to chip or break, if it does, it is more difficult to repair.


Typically considered porcelain, zirconia is actually for patients with teeth that are severely damaged and could not be treated with the typical veneer made of porcelain. This type of veneer is stronger and not just used for aesthetic purposes also reinforced the teeth’s form. Usually, applied in the back teeth to prevent wear and tear because of its durability. Not only is zirconia used to fix chipped teeth, it is also used to treat other dental issues such as restorations of dental implants and manufacturing dental crowns.

Most dental procedures are quite expensive but we must not skimp on the quality of the dental procedure that our teeth require. Look for dental clinics that offer flexible payments and go to a dental professional with years of experience.


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