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Teeth imperfections are very common among many unless you’ve been blessed with the perfect set of teeth in which case lucky you! Crooked teeth, discoloration, gaps or bad teeth are some of the everyday problems that we face.

However, unlike a few years ago when there were limited solutions or availability there are now many ways to overcome these issues. Crowning, veneers, bonding or even implants are now common available at dentistry worldwide. It is affordable, effective and a long-term solution. However, if you still need convincing there are some of the way’s veneers provide solution.

Altering teeth shape

Just like all other physical features the formation of our teeth is not in our control. Therefore, the slightly crooked tooth cannot be changed. However, there is no need to have to live with it now. Veneers provide a casing that is applied to the tooth to change the shape of the teeth.

It can be applied to more and then one tooth to provide an equal and balanced look. It provides uniformity and is appealing to look at. If you face the problem of uneven or crooked teeth and are looking for composite veneers Melbourne dentists are fully equipped to carry out the procedure effectively.

Alternate to braces

Braces are worn to change or align the shape of teeth. The process is usually carried out during the age of 13 upwards as teeth haven’t matured and correction is considerably easier. However, that does not mean that once you pass that age that’s it for you.

Many older people are too getting teeth corrections done at all ages and this is where veneers come in useful. If you rather avoid having to wear braces and only have a minor correction a composite veneer will be the ideal solution. Since it cannot be seen and isn’t nearly as noticeable as braces adults feel a lot more comfortable with the option. It is a foolproof solution.

Staining and discoloration

The changes in the colour of the enamel can happen due to a series of reasons. Consuming food and drink that stain is one of the common. Continuous smoking contributes and even purely genetics. While the exact reasons are difficult to identify discoloured teeth can look unappealing and affect self-confidence.

The veneers can help to combat this issue as it provides a layer or casing over the teeth. It can be designed to suit the colour of existing teeth giving it a natural finish. This process is very common among people who need to look their best at all times.

Covers chips and cracks

Have you ever fallen over as a kid and experienced a tooth crack? I am sure some can relate, so what do you do when you have chipped teeth from accidents and cracks from eating something too hard? Veneers are yet another solution to this problem. The casing is made of strong materials and can withstand tough food. So, you don’t have to worry too much now if you need a small piece of your tooth missing.


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