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If you are one of those sports enthusiasts that watch contact sports, such as rugby or football, then chances are you might have seen the players spraying an aerosol on injured areas of the body and continuing to play on as if nothing happened. This aerosol is aptly termed as the ‘Magic Spray’ since it gives quick pain relief to the injured area, and prevents the excessive flow of blood to the area. This reduces the swelling of the area, making recovery all the quicker.

Pain Improvement

Of course, the immediate benefit of the magic spray is the decrease in pain and discomfort in the area that has gotten injured. Sports such as football, rugby, and other contact sports widely use these products for players to allow players to continue to play on. There are a number of types that are used, and some provide a hot pain relief solution, while others provide a more cooling one. Either way, these products do create some wonders on and off the pitch. It has become so popular that many people use the product beforehand too, due to the relaxing nature of it, while some use it for conventional injuries too.

Improvement In Mobility

One of the major things that the magic spray does is improve the mobility of the area. For example, when one suffers an ankle sprain, the mobility of the ankle is generally compromised so much that you cannot even put much weight on it, however, the magic spray allows to ease that problem. Due to the relaxants that are part of the ingredients of the spray, the ligaments eases up, which reduces the swelling. This in turn results in much better mobility than when it was left without any treatment.

Lesser Damage

Another benefit of the magic spray is the fact that many athletes who apply this spray may come out of their activities without having serious injuries. Once again, due to the relaxants and anti-inflammatory properties of the spray, the muscles and ligaments are somewhat protected from external factors. Of course, this is not a guaranteed solution to protect the ligaments and muscles, however, it does play a part in doing something, and that is the fact that the injured area does not tend to become as injured, as it would be if nothing was applied beforehand.

Increases Playing Time

We have seen on numerous occasions that the players who have even come off the back end of severe tackles, still continue to play at their level best after applying some of the magic spray. As a result, it allows the player to take maximum use out of the body, without harming it as much it would if no treatment was done, thus increasing the playing time of the player, which in turn helps the team a great deal.

The magic spray then is something that really does some magic on athletes who get injured. What makes it all the more utilitarian is the fact that it can be used for almost any external sports injury.

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