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Being a senior in high school can be a little stressful. Not only that you have lots of requirements to pass, but you also have to start thinking about the future. This is when you have to know what course you’ll be taking up in college, and you have to take this seriously since there are lots of courses to choose from. Choosing one should be based on your interests and passion so you’ll enjoy your work in the future.

Psychology is one of the most common courses being taken up in college. If you are planning on pursuing this course, you don’t have to worry because it opens up a lot of doors leading to different career paths. The following are some of the jobs that are related to a Psychology degree.


As a Psychology graduate, you can work as a counselor. Counselors help their clients recognize problems in their lives that will enable them to evaluate what is currently going on to them. Your job is to listen to your clients, offer them your kindness, concern, and time to voice out their difficulties, issues, and frustrations that they aren’t comfortable sharing with other people.

Your goal is to enhance their potential to endure the challenges they’re facing and bring positivity into their lives. Problems that may be tackled in your client session include general anxiety, relationship problems such as a breakup and divorce, the bereavement process, and so on. You can also work in a school as a guidance counselor and help give advice to those students that always cause trouble.

Life Coach

A life coach helps their clients by empowering them and encouraging them to determine what changes should be done in order to obtain their full potential. There are different kinds of life coaching and you need to specialize in one area. It can be about spiritual, relationships, career coaching, personal development, and youth coaching.

Clinical Psychologist

You need to major in Clinical Psychology if you want to be a clinical psychologist. Their job is to assess and treat their clients with different mental health issues and disorders. The goal is to diminish the stress and promote the psychological wellbeing of your clients with conditions such as mental illness, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, addiction, and learning disabilities to name a few. It may look a little difficult, but as a beginner in the field, you can always attend a clinical psychology training in Melbourne, if you want to improve your knowledge and skills in your profession.

Play Therapist

If you love kids, then you can be a play therapist. But in order to be one, you need to have a postgraduate qualification and be committed to continuing professional development. Their job is to work with children from ages 3 to 11, utilizing play to understand them and guide them in facing emotional stress and trauma. Issues may include learning problems, abuse and neglect, and traumatic events and violence. 


You can be a teacher even if you didn’t take up an education course as long as you’re a Psychology graduate. Further education teachers educate students from ages 16 and over. Subjects may range from academic teaching, English, Math, and vocational training.

There are tons of different careers to choose from when you get a Psychology degree. Whatever it is that piques your interest, just go for it and do your best.

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