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If you’re looking for a fulfilling career path to take on, a career in health care is one of the best options you could get. Being able to help and support people in their healing is such a satisfying task especially when your client has fully recovered and gets back to his normal life.

There are plenty of career options when it comes to health care. Your choice greatly depends on the people who you want to work with as your clients. If you have a passion in assisting and supporting the elderly, a career in aged care is just the right one for you. There are several jobs to choose from under this area. Here are the different paths you could take if you’re aiming for work in aged care.

Aged Care Worker

Most aged care workers offer in-house support. Meaning, your workplace will be your client’s home. Your main tasks will be to provide support and assistance to your client all day long. The level of support you have to provide depends on the needs of your client. Some clients need assistance in their daily routine such as personal care and maintaining their living space.

On the other hand, most able clients just need companionship and emotional support on what they’re going through. No matter what level of support you provide, you need to have the right education and training to qualify for this job. You’ll need to acquire a certificate IV aged care before you can qualify as a certified aged care worker.

Community Support Worker

Community support workers are the ones who plan and organize fun activities and events for their clients on community programs. You’ll be managing many clients at once through an event or program. One of the main goals of community support workers are to provide support in the emotional well-being of the elderly by keeping them interested in their hobbies and giving them more opportunities to interact and connect with their social circle. You’ll also need to monitor how each client is doing while an activity is on-going to be sure that everything is going well.

Residential Support Worker

If you’re a residential support worker, you’ll be working in aged care homes, centres for persons with disabilities and other related health care centres. the main responsibilities of a residential support worker are to manage the tasks that can’t be done by the residents in the centre – from cleaning, cooking, responding to what the patients need, and many more. You should see to it that the residents are going smoothly through their daily tasks and routine and provide assistance and support to them whenever needed.

There are still plenty of career options in aged care that you can choose from. Just keep in mind that when choosing a career in health care, look for a venue wherein you have the passion to work with those kinds of clients. Couple it with the right education and training and you’re on your way to success.


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