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Getting injured while playing a sport is quite common. Children are the main group at risk but adults also can get them. The main reason for sports related injury is not warming up properly, not engaging in the activity regularly, improper use of sports equipment and playing of contact sports.

The most common injuries incurred by those playing sports are:


This is inflammation or spasms that occur as a result of torn muscle or ligament which is quite common among athletes, sprains can occur anywhere in the body and depends on the sport or activity they are involved in, wrist and thumb sprains are common among those playing basketball, baseball. Main complaints of those having a sprain are swelling, bruising, pain, warmth to the touch.


This is injury of the tissue that can occur in the muscle, in the tendon or both. This occurs due to overstretching of the muscle or tendon that it can result in partial tear, this occurs when the physical stress imparted is more than what it can bear especially when there is a sudden increase in duration, frequency or the intensity of the activity. Main areas subjected to strain are the foot, leg and the back.

Signs and symptoms of strain are pain, weakness of the muscle, reduced functionality of the muscle, contusion and inflammation at that area.

There are mainly three degrees of injury,

First degree being mild where there is minute tearing, so there is mild tenderness.

Second degree with muscles or tendon torn here it is very painful, motion is limited and there is some swelling.

Third degree, severe with very limited or no movement and with very severe pain.

Knee injury

This can occur when the knee joint has been subjected to some injury which impede its natural motion or when there is a overstretch or tear of the muscles or tissues in the knee.

Achilles’ tendon rupture

Achilles’ tendon is a strong tendon found at the back of your ankle and this can tear during some sports activity and result in sudden severe pain and even impede walking.

Diagnosis and treatment of sports related injury

Most sports injuries are identified with the history, getting information about the injury and physical examination and if required x ray, CT scans and MRI.

For many sports injuries RICE is the common treatment method. This stands for rest, ice, compression and elevation and other methods that involve are over the counter medication. Services like sports acupuncture in Sydney are also available. If the injury doesn’t subside or symptoms don’t improve further treatment is necessary.

How to avoid sports related injuries

Many of sports injuries can be prevented. It is very important before engaging in any sport to warm up and cool down properly. Suddenly working a muscle can led to a tear therefore warming the muscle makes it more flexible. Using proper technique when performing certain activity. Using the proper equipment to avoid injuries, like wearing proper shoes and do not overwork the body, give your body time to recover.


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