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Practicing meditation would make your life easier – you’d be more stress-free. All the things to help you take the leap are discussed below. Keep reading.

Audio Guides

The best thing you could do is follow an audio guide. You’d have someone guiding you, so it would be easier for you to meditate. Following the voice is useful, as the chances of your mind drifting off would be lower too.

There are countless videos available. Some are better than others. Speak to experts and see what they would recommend.

Take a Breather

To tackle intrusive thoughts, you can clear your mind before meditating. One of the best things to do would be going for a walk – you’d be one with nature.  Take a breather too. Deep breaths would help you relax and feel at ease.


You don’t have to meditate for half an hour. You’re a newbie; take things one step at a time. By trying to meditate for as long as seasoned individuals, you’ll stress yourself out.

Even if you’re just meditating for a minute, it would be fine. It’s all about growth and being consistent.

Let’s talk about being consistent again. You could be a very busy person. However, putting time aside everyday would make meditating a habit. This is especially true if you do it at a certain time everyday. 

Create a Space

You can’t just mediate anywhere. It would be hard for you to go into a meditative state with groceries and kids around. Curate a room that you’d feel the most relaxed in. Over time, you’d associate being in the room with being calm.

Not only should you move the furniture present, but you could place specific lights and scents too. Aromas and incense are key to helping people relax. Cannabis sativa terpenes have long been used for aromatherapy – they’d work the best.


Studies have shown that music can help you focus. If you’re someone who struggles with intrusive thoughts, they’d be powerful tools. Depending on who you are, the type of music that would help you focus would differ. In general, classical music helps.

Some Days May Be Hard

You could have had a hard day – it would be harder for you to focus. Cut yourself some slack; even people who’ve meditated for years find it hard to battle intrusive thoughts sometimes.

Speaking of cutting yourself some slack, reprimanding yourself whenever you can’t focus is not good. You’d discourage yourself from trying to meditate in the future.

Meditate With Others

You’d think meditating with others would be hard. After all, there would be more distractions. However, the energy in the room would help you focus.

Final Thoughts

If you’re thinking of learning to meditate, you’re making the right move. You’d be less stress-free. As you saw, there is a number of ways you can meditate better. The best thing to do would be to follow an audio guide. You’d be focusing on a voice, so you getting distracted wouldn’t take place.


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