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A dietitian is more than just someone who works to give you the proper diet, as what the name “obviously” suggests. Their scope and level of expertise rise beyond that. A Registered Dietitian is a licensed professional dedicated to helping their clients achieve a healthier lifestyle and wellbeing through developing improved nutritional practices all proven and tested by science and research. So, if you are interested in health and wellness, body mechanics and functionality, and food science, this may be the perfect career choice and path for you! And to give you a little inside scoop, here are a few perks of being a dietitian.

You are a Hero of Health

With the fast growing availability of a wide variety of food choices, many have unfortunately taken this as an opportunity to eat for wants rather than needs. People choose to eat food that is either convenient and cheap, delicious and satisfying, or a little bit of both, without giving much thought on what would be the impact of the intake to their bodies. Most find regret after knowing they’ve been diagnosed with health issues. And that’s why dietitians were born on this Earth, to be Heroes of Health and help people live healthier and happier lives avoiding diseases and conditions caused by improper diets.

High Job Growth and Demand

According to statistics, the job demand for Dietitians and Nutritionists are expected to rise in the next years. And how might this be so? It is because, in the future, people will find that the abundance of food choices and the convenient lifestyle pose possible threats to how they can fully live their life. There will surely be an increasing trend of people wanting to live healthier lives and that’s just the job of a dietitian.

Limitless Career Paths and Opportunities

When you become a registered dietitian, a number of opportunities come knocking at your door. You can work or even set up your own clinic. You can pursue a culinary path dedicated to the creation of healthy and delicious food. You can even work in a gym. And you can also check out, a hub for dietitians, to get an insight on the careers that other RD’s have. The paths associated with becoming a dietitian are just limitless.

Work and Travel All-in-One

Because a dietitian has a wide range of opportunities and is needed in various organizations and locations, this gives you the ability to work and travel at the same time. As a registered dietitian, you can choose wherever, whatever and whenever you want to be.

Don’t Need Help to Keep Healthy

The best part about being a dietitian? Is not needing one. You have the ability and authority to keep yourself in great condition and health. No need to spend to get the healthy lifestyle and diet that you need. You can already do that yourself. You don’t need help to keep healthy. And that gets you a cut above the rest.

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